Every Use Of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" In Movies & TV Taylor Swift"s "Shake It Off" was one of the biggest songs of năm trước and later made several appearances in other movies and television shows.

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Taylor Swift"s "Shake It Off" was one of the biggest earworm pop hits of 2014, và here"s a danh mục of movies và shows that used it. Taylor Swift"s second album "Fearless" helped make her a huge star, with her early work being a fusion of country & pop. Her move from country to lớn pop was cemented with her fifth album 1989, which spawned a seemingly endless series of successful singles lượt thích "Bad Blood" and "Wildest Dreams."

Probably her best-known hit from 1989 is "Shake It Off," which was the album"s lead single. The song"s lyrics were specifically about her critics, and while đánh giá were somewhat mixed, it was a big success và is now considered one of Taylor Swift"s defining songs. It was a single that was also somewhat impossible khổng lồ ignore for about a year after its 2014 release, as it got heavy rotation on the radio, TV shows ands parodies, such as The Hillywood Show"s Supernatural "Shake It Off" video.

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Taylor Swift"s "Shake It Off" also made some appearances in various movies and TV shows, & here are some of the most notable examples.


"Shake It Off" was featured in a major scene in the năm nhâm thìn animated hit Sing, where Reese Witherspoon"s Rosita & Nick Kroll"s Gunter perform it for an audience. The tuy vậy is particularly well used in Sing, with the lyrics relating lớn Rosita reclaiming her dreams of being a singer, with the song making her husband Norman (Nick Offerman) realize her talent too.

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Norm Of The North

Norm Of The North is a 2015 CG-animated adventure starring Rob Schneider as the titular talking polar bear who heads to thủ đô new york for a wacky adventure. Despite a cast that includes Bill Nighy, Ken Jeong và Heather Graham, the movie received poor review and was a box-office letdown, though it did spawn a bunch of STV sequels. The movie"s soundtrack also featured some notable pop hits, including Walk The Moon"s "Shut Up và Dance" and Swift"s "Shake It Off."

Saturday Night Love - "Swiftamine"

The popularity of "Shake It Off" in năm trước found a lot of people who didn"t previously care for Taylor Swift"s music suddenly confronting the fact they kind of did. That"s the premise behind Saturday Night Live"s "Swiftamine," where random people - including guest host Chris Rock - deal with sudden vertigo when they learn Swift was behind "Shake If Off." Swiftamine is a drug introduced by Beck Bennett"s Dr. David Doctor, which prevents people"s brain"s fighting their ears when they hear the song.

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The Magicians

Taylor Swift"s "Shake It Off" was also featured in The Magicians" season 1 episode "The World In The Walls." This saw Jason Ralph"s Quentin suddenly waking up in a mental hospital, with the staff trying to lớn convince him he is suffering from delusions. One of the most memorable scenes sees Quentin breaking into song with "Shake It Off" during a therapy session, proving it"s still quite catchy even with Ralph"s somewhat tuneless rendition.

Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong’o"s Little Monsters from 2019 is one of the most unique zombies movies of recent years và sees her playing a kindergarten teacher protecting his class from zombies. It"s a surprisingly funny và warmhearted film, which sees Nyoung"o & her students singing along khổng lồ "Shake It Off" a couple of times, including in the final scene. It turns out it was Lupita Nyong’o who personally wrote to lớn Taylor Swift so the filmmakers could use the song, và it personally meant a lot to the actress for it lớn be included.