Garena miễn phí Fire, a famous battle royale mobile game that competes with PUBG, has vanished from Google Play & the Apple tiện ích Store. At this time, neither Garena International, the popular game’s distributor, nor táo bị cắn or Google have remarked on the absence. Read the article khổng lồ know why không tính tiền fire is banned in India.

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Free Fire Banned in India

Last month, Krafton filed two separate lawsuits attempting khổng lồ get Garena không tính tiền Fire banned. According lớn the Korean developer, Garena is allegedly plagiarising game concepts và components from PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, Krafton has filed a second case against Google và Apple lớn allow Garena không tính tiền Fire via their respective ứng dụng stores. In addition, the PUBG developer sued YouTube for enabling broadcasters lớn broadcast Garena không tính phí Fire on the đoạn clip site.

“Battlegrounds’ patented distinctive game-opening ‘airdrop’ element, the trò chơi structure và play, the combination and selection of weapons, armor, và unique items, locales, and the overall choice of màu sắc schemes, materials, và textures,” according lớn Krafton’s complaint.

There is no indication if the game will be removed from the Play Store due lớn litigation or other issues. It is also unknown if individuals who have previously installed the trò chơi can still play it. Meanwhile, the improved version of Garena không lấy phí Fire, Garena không tính phí Fire Max, is still accessible on Google Play but not on the Apple tiện ích Store.

Free Fire Banned in India – Official News

The recent problems have irritated fans, và now rumours are circulating in the community that these games have been banned in India. It started a few hours ago when both games were abruptly pulled from the Apple ứng dụng Store without explanation. Users are advised not khổng lồ believe any rumours and wait for an official announcement from the creators.


The game is presently unavailable for tải về on either điện thoại store, & it does not appear in tìm kiếm results when the name is typed in. Those who have previously downloaded free Fire have been able to play it but with limited success. Players have been experiencing difficulty login into the game for the previous 24 hours, claiming that technical issues prevented them from doing so.

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It’s worth mentioning that the improved version, không tính tiền Fire Max, is now available for tải về from the Google Play Store, while it’s not accessible on the ứng dụng Store. Garena hasn’t given any precise reasons, so it’s better to wait till they make an official announcement.

Dedicated players have also expressed concern that the game has been quietly banned in India, as happened with PUBG: mobile during the early phases of the COVID-19 outbreak. Around that time, India has blocked hundreds of Chinese apps, including TikTok, Weibo, và WeChat.

Garena was recently sued by Krafton, who said that they “extensively” various parts of Battlegrounds, including the “airdrop” feature, game structure, weapon combinations, và unique goods. Google & Apple were also pulled into the court for hosting & pushing không lấy phí Fire on their platforms. There hasn’t been much said regarding the case, save that Garena’s parent company, Sea, has stated that “Krafton’s assertions are groundless.”

Free Fire Banned in India – Reason, và Updates

There is no explanation for why both games were removed from the ứng dụng Store, but Garena is expected khổng lồ give more information shortly. Fans can remain up khổng lồ speed on the latest developments by following the brand on social media. Meanwhile, gamers should avoid putting their trust in any continuing story & desist from disseminating such information. Rumors have also arisen as a result of the login difficulty.

Garena không lấy phí Fire, a famous battle royale smartphone game that competes with PUBG, has vanished from Google Play and the Apple tiện ích Store. At this time, neither Garena International, the popular game’s distributor, nor táo bị cắn dở or Google have remarked on the absence.

About không lấy phí Fire

It is an online action-adventure battle royale game exclusively available online. In a battle royale encounter, up to 50 players land on an island searching for weapons and equipment. Players may pick their starting position and choose guns and supplies to help them survive longer in combat.

Players enter an aircraft that travels over an island when they join a game. There are medical supplies, medium & extensive weapons, grenades, and other things strewn over the island. As the aircraft flies over the island, players can jump anywhere they wish, enabling them lớn choose a landing spot away from opponents. The players must then look for weapons & valuable items after landing.

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