Kim So Eun Says There′s No Possibility of Her Becoming a Real Couple with tuy nhiên Jae Rim

Kim So Eun brought up tuy vậy Jae Lim, who is currently appearing as her on-screen husband on We Got Married.On January 16, held an interview with Kim So Eun, who has been gathering a lot of popularity in trung quốc with MBC’s We Got Married.

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After debuting with the 2005 drama Sisters of the Sea, Kim So Eun starred in the dramas Boys Over Flowers, The King’s Doctor, Liar Game and more, building her filmography as an actress.Revealing what has changed since she started appearing on We Got Married, Kim So Eun said, “Many people treat me more comfortably compared lớn before. They used to lớn not say anything even when I passed by, but since I vày a variety show now, many people recognize me and come up to lớn me more easily, so that’s become a huge gain for me.”About her on-screen husband, tuy nhiên Jae Lim, Kim So Eun said, “He is a very cheerful and bright person. I think that’s why I was able khổng lồ treat him comfortably while filming & get close quickly.”The reporter then asked, “Is there any possibility for you lớn start dating tuy vậy Jae Lim in real life?”Kim So Eun responded, “That will definitely not happen & I also think that it’s impossible. We film once every two weeks, & when we’re not filming, we’re too busy to liên hệ each other. I think it will be very difficult on the personal level (to start feeling something for each other).”1. <+339, -23> Honestly, this isn't a matter of whether they have feelings for each other or whether they're really dating or not since, blatantly speaking, viewers will never find out. But if she reveals that to lớn the viewers herself, what does that make the viewers who've been watching all along? What does that make song Jaerim who set all this up for her? What she's basically saying is that she's fake và she's going to keep being nhái so please watch her show. Ridiculous.2. <+272, -6> WGM PDs are shaking right now, tremble tremble tremble3. <+225, -9> WGM... A show that creates more delusions...4. <+38, -8> I don't know how khổng lồ put it... But Kim Soeun is really dumb.5. <+36, -0> This interview shows you why Kim Soeun could never get popular for the past 10 years6. <+36, -6> Kim Soeun's the first person lớn say something like this about WGM other than someone else who said they haven't kept in tương tác since WGM ended ㅋㅋㅋ She turned a virtual reality show into something completely fake.

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I can already see Kim Soeun's agency trying their best lớn cover this up. She needs to lớn watch her words.7. <+35, -8> I feel so bad for tuy nhiên Jaerim... Did she have to lớn say it like this? She couldn't beat around the bush? She's pretty and all but she seems cocky.. ㅠㅠ8. <+26, -8> I don't think Kim Soeun will get any more popularity out of this. Tuy vậy Jaerim's going to burst to lớn fame. At least he's humble. He's always trying khổng lồ bring others to lớn the spotlight.9. <+21, -4> I think Kim Soeun's agency will delete this article from the media. They should've told her lớn watch her mouth from the start. All of the WGM community and message boards are a mess right now telling them lớn take Kim Soeun off the show.10. <+19, -4> The point of the show is for viewers to lớn be confused & excited at whether they're real or not... She went too far with this interview. She completely broke the point of the show for viewers. Now whenever it's her segment, viewers will just know for sure she's acting.source: mwave, netizenbuzz, nate

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