Ep 2 vietnam's next top model allstars

As you ready your best poses for the premiere of 'America's Next top Model,' brush up on some of the show's best terms & phrases

Over the course of 22 cycles of America’s Next đứng đầu Model, host Tyra Banks has taught a fleet ofyoung, ambitious models -- as well as audiences at home -- everything they needto know about modeling, “from H2T.” (That’s “head lớn toe” for the uninitiated.)

Now that the show’s been revived by VH1 -- the long-runningCW reality competition was canceled after cycle 22 in năm ngoái -- it’s time for arefresher course on the vivacious language the show has generated since itfirst aired in 2003. As you ready yourbest poses for the premiere of America’s Next vị trí cao nhất Model, now hosted by Rita Ora, brush up onsome of the show’s best terms và phrases -- plus some from the new judgingpanel!

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America’s Next TopBest Friend: The reality competition for models who are not serious aboutwinning, or, as Jade from cycle 6 puts it: “This is not America’s Next vị trí cao nhất Best Friend.”

ANTM: Short for America’sNext vị trí cao nhất Model; it’s what you call the show when you’re in the know.

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Being a Ho: A bitof mã sản phẩm wisdom from Tyra about the level of sexiness lớn incorporate into apose, as she explained in cycle 8: “Modeling is being a ho, but makingfashion.”

Blonde Inside: When your natural hair color dictatesyour attitude, as cycle 11 contestant Clark Gilmer declared when she wentbrunette and said, “I may have brown hair now, but I’m still blonde inside.”

Boom, Boom, Wow:A reference khổng lồ a female model’s abs. A variation for the show’s malecontestants was “Boom, Boom, Boom.”

Booty Tooch: As Tyra explained during “dictionary hour”in cycle 19 (College Edition), thebooty tooch is a model pose in which you isolate the body toàn thân and pop out theposterior for a curvier silhouette in photos. Variations include booch (for men), juicy tooch, Gucci tooch (seebelow), poochie tooch & side tooch.

Cycle: Thepreferred term khổng lồ refer to each competition period featuring 12-14 models vyingto become “America’s Next top Model.”

Drekitude: A term attributed lớn former judge AndréLeon Talley to refer khổng lồ a really bad picture or ensemble; Tyra calls it asynonym for disgusting.

Fierce: While ANTMdidn’t invent this superlative for being really amazing, the show can takecredit for bringing it out of gay culture and into millions of homes.Fierceness should be a top goal for any aspiring vị trí cao nhất Model.

Flawsome: When a model’s physical flaws make forawesomely beautiful pictures, they’re flawsome.

Flicked: Rita’s slang for getting eliminated; “Wedon"t want you to lớn get flicked,” she said to ET.

Go-See: Anappointment to “go see” a designer about a modeling job. A go-see is tomodeling as an audition is lớn acting.

Gucci Tooch: A high-fashion variation on the bootytooch in which hands are on hips và shoulders are cast forward, as Tyra once demonstratedfor Steve Harvey.

H2T: The next most important ANTM acronym anyone should know; it stands for “head to toe,” theregions a mã sản phẩm needs to lớn maximize.

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Hoochie Stop: The stop on a metaphorical fashiontrain where one’s sexiness might come across as too trashy. Tyra used the termto give a compliment to lớn a picture taken by cycle 15 contestant Chris White: “Ilike this picture of you, Chris, in the wide. It has a sexuality that borderson a slight hoochie, but you didn’t get off on the hoochie stop. You stayed onthe train.”

Light: What youneed to lớn find in order lớn take a good photo.

Pot Ledom: Say it backward!

Resting on Pretty: Don’tget it twisted; this is not a good thing. It’s what happens when a modelbecomes so satisfied with his/her looks that they make no effort in their photo.

Sinnocent: When a model can offer a look that is sexyand innocent at the same time.

Smize: Did you know you can smile with body toàn thân partsother than your mouth? You can vì it with your eyes, a true Tyra favorite.

Tiffany: Theseemingly apathetic cycle 4 contestant that Tyra LOST. IT. On. When the modelappeared ambivalent about being eliminated. It also gave us the lasting Tyraphrase “We were all rooting for you.”

Top model Instituteof Technology: A warehouse outside Los Angeles where contestants wereevaluated by very thoroughly scientific methods & eventually introduced tothe “Glaminator,” who laid out the competition on cycle 11.

Triple B: A variation on the term “triple threat,” whichin Rita’s world means being “a boss, a brand và a business.”

Tyover: The term for a makeover by Tyra. Maybe thisseason it’ll be known as the OraOver? That’d be fierce.

Wanna Be on Top?:The most important question asked at the beginning of every episode.

Warritress: Whatformer judge J. Alexander refers to lớn as a female warrior.

Werk/Werq/Work: It’swhat you need to vì in order khổng lồ win.

Zoolander, The: Whenyou raise your eyebrows too high, lượt thích Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller). It’s alsosomething former judge Janice Dickinson can no longer do: “I have so much Botoxin my face, I can’t really vày it anymore.”

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