MAMA 2017: TẬP 6

After a week’s worth of events throughout Asia, the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) hosted its main sự kiện in Hong Kong today.

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With over a dozen popular artistsin attendance, viewers were graced with a variety of special stages, ranging from remixes khổng lồ collaborations to covers.


Shortly after airing, MAMA’s parent channel Mnetuploaded clips of the show lớn YouTube. Take a look at some of the best performances of the night below:

Day6 và GOT7, “Never Ever” Rock Remix

BTS, “Not Today,” “DNA,”“Cypher Pt.

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4,” & “Mic Drop (Remix)

Jeong Sewoon, Girl group medley

NCT 127 & Hitchhiker, “The 7th Sense Reverse” và “Cherry Bomb”

Heize& Bolbbalgan4, “Don’t Know You” và “Some”

Taemin, “Door”

Karen Mok, “Love of My Life”

EXO, “The Eve” & “KoKoBop”

Wanna One, “Nothing Without You” & “Beautiful”

Red Velvet, “Peek-A-Boo” và “Red Flavor”

Kai of EXO, “I See You”

Super Junior, “Black Suit”

Ailee, “I Will Go lớn You lượt thích The First Snow”

Sunmi & Taemin, “Gashina”

Check out all of 2017 MAMA’s awards below:

Best Executive Producer of the Year – George Trivino, TRUE màu sắc MUSIC (???? G.U.T.S.)

Best Producer of the Year – Pdogg (LOVE YOURSELF ? `Her`(BTS))

Best Choreographer of the Year-Youngjun Choi (Song: “Don’t Wanna Cry” (Seventeen), “Energetic” (Wanna One))

Best Visual và Art Director of the Year- Yang (MV: “Keep Me Jealous” (The Sam Willows))

Best Engineer of the Year- Dat Nguyen Minh , AD PRODUCTION (Có Em Ch? (MIN&Mr.A))

Best Composer of the Year-Raisa Andriana và Isyana Sarasvati (Anganku Anganmu(Raisa & Isyana Sarasvati))

Best đoạn phim Director of the Year-Atsushi Makino, P.I.C.S. (Hikarinoatorie(Mr. Children))