Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne has revealed how one of his friends provided a major assist by sliding into his model wife"s DMs on his behalf.

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The 30-year-old Belgian midfielder has achieved incredible success at thành phố since his sensational £55m move from Wolfsburg in 2015.

De Bruyne has since become an integral part of City"s success as he has lifted three Premier League titles, five League Cups and an FA Cup with the club.

The đô thị playmaker has also enjoyed individual success as he scooped the PFA Players" Player of the Year award twice và was named the Premier League Player of the Season for the 2019-20 campaign.

Despite De Bruyne"s success on the pitch, the Belgium international has credited all of his success khổng lồ his wife, Michele De Bruyne.

De Bruyne revealed that his love story with the stunning 27-year-old model happened during his loan spell at Werder Bremen.

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The former Wolfsburg player claimed that Michele “favourited” one of his tweets và “my friend noticed it.”

Writing in The Players" Tribune, De Bruyne said: “She helped me grow in ways that I"ve probably never expressed out loud -- even khổng lồ her.

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“This is such an embarrassing story that I hesitate lớn tell it! But since I promised you honesty, then I guess I have to. And it"s pretty funny, anyway.

“It started with a tweet. I only had a few thousand followers at the time, because I was still on loan at Werder Bremen. So I tweeted something about a match or whatever, & this pretty girl favourited it.

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“I was single at the time, and my friend noticed it. So he said, ‘She looks lượt thích a nice girl, no? You should send her a message.’

“And I literally said lớn him, ‘No, no, no. Come on. People don"t lượt thích me. They don"t get me. She won"t respond.’

“So he grabbed my phone & started tapping out a message. He showed me the phone & said, "Come on, can I hit send?"

“But thankfully, he sent the message for me, and she responded. We got to lớn know each other over text for a few months. It"s a lot easier for me once I get khổng lồ know someone, so after that, I was good.

“It really was a beautiful thing. She changed my life in so many ways. Honestly, I don"t know what I would vị without her.”

De Bruyne và Michele reportedly started their relationship in 2014 and welcomed their first son, Mason Milian De Bruyne, to the world in 2016.

The pair"s second son, Rome De Bruyne, was born in 2018 while their first daughter, Suri De Bruyne, was born in 2020.

De Bruyne, who tied the knot with Michele in 2017 in Italy, insisted that his wife "sacrificed everything" lớn help him help follow his dream.

“She sacrificed everything lớn move away with me when she was 19 years old, to lớn help me follow my dream,” he admitted.

“We"ve been on this journey together. I look up to her, in a way. She got me to lớn come out of my shell with people a lot, and the way she"s handled everything is remarkable, really.”

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