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On Namek, we are referring lớn a warrior that appears every 1000 years & it turns out lớn be Son Goku. But in Broly"s movie, the real Legendary Super Saiyan is actually Broly. So what about it?

In fact, yes, it"s the same. Basically, after have seen all the Super Saiyan"s friends in the next saga getting along also as a Super Saiyan, the Toei had lớn find a way to lớn show a quality Legendary Saiyan.Bạn sẽ xem: quy mô dragon ball

The legend of the Super Saiyan-jin

It"s referred in the Namek saga. In fact, it is a unique và ultimate warrior. A reasonable over for Dragan Ball would have been Son Goku becoming the Legendary Super Saiyain, killing off the strongest warrior in the universe. But as the tác giả has been forced khổng lồ continue, other could have had the ability khổng lồ turn lớn a Super Saiyan as well & finally Freezer turns out to be not that strong.

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No way he could be the Legendary Super Saiyan! There’d be one Super Saiyan every 1000 years. He would go beyond the limits but this can’t be right it’s not true, it’s a legend…(Vegeta talking about Son Goku Manga 24)(Background picture: a full moon)

Su Super Saiyan..?! The legendary warrior told as the most powerful warrior That’s him the Saiyan Freeza was so afraid of !!(Jeece, Manga 24)



I was naturally peaceful, but the anger makes me be another person, a legendary warrior...I am Son Goku, the Super Saiyan-jin!!
(Son Goku, Manga 27)

The Super Saiyan is finally a simple transformation. Afterwards, it became only a màn chơi of transformation, the one we hotline SSJ1 (Super Saiyan-jin màn chơi 1).The thiết kế of Son Goku’s hair, which was very luminous và smooth showing the lotus (the 1000 petals), changes to yellow streaks.

The Legendary warrior, the Legendary Saiyan-jin

This very Legendary Warrior is quoted from the Movie 8, và Broly has been chosen lớn be it.In Toei’s mind, it must have been the following: In Freezer’s saga, we are talking about a legendary Super Saiyan, and it turns out to lớn be son Goku, who is able lớn transform. But during the cyborgs’ saga, pretty much everybody is able to transform, which makes Son Goku not a Legendary case From that, a Legendary warrior is born to lớn be The very Legendary one. Although it has never been referred in the movie that especially “one appears every 1000 years”.

Therefore remains this question: What is the Legendary warrior, và who is it, does it exist!?Originally, we were thinking based on Freezer saga that the Legendary warrior existed & it was Son Goku. But afterwards, other warriors were able to turn SSJ1, so we had to điện thoại tư vấn it into questions.There are the possible solutions. You must know that this theory is none of a truthful statement; it’s only a matter of taste.

In the first hand, the legendary warrior would be a Saiyan who go beyond other’slimits và in this instance, it is clearly Son Goku: màn chơi 1 of SSJ, then SSJ2, SSJ3!Vegeta always caught him up, but then. Và Goku is the only
oneable lớn turn SSJ3. Obviously, the fusions và half-Saiyans vị not count.First conclusion: Son Goku is the Legendary warrior.
On the other hand, the definition of being legendary is lớn naturally disposeextraordinary skills without doing anything.This clearly points Broly và not Son GokuSecond conclusion: Broly is the Legendary warrior.
Warning: The millennium term is bad for the muscles.

In the movie, Broly is called the Legendary warrior.

Broly has his own transformations’ system.Even though it looks like the existing SSJ transformations, the màn chơi power out of it is way higher.

1. Untransformed.
2. Violet or dark blue hair, SSJ halo, blue or back eyes.This SSJ halo without the normal SSJ hair is certainly due to lớn Paragus’ nguồn limiter.
4. Legendary Super Saiyan-jin (SSJL):“Kind of” USSJ (Trunk’s transformation with big muscles) but without the slowness problem;enormous muscles, blank eyes.It is this very transformation that makes him the chất lượng Legendary warrior.

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In the movie 8, he has the màn chơi 1 of transformation, 2 then he goes to 4.In the movie 10, he’s sleeping in màn chơi 1 of transformation, comes in the cấp độ 3 & finally goes khổng lồ 4In the movie 11, we won’t talk about it. He barely appears, he is a clone & the movie is worse than ever.

Super skills

Here are the skills that make him a quality being:Broly had a nguồn equals khổng lồ 10,000 units when he was born. This is close lớn the adult Saiyan elites.Broly has an endless energy that is constantlyrenewing which is notSon Goku’s case who always goes back to a normal state(Cf. Buu saga & DBGT even if it’s a heresy).This deduction comes from the first movie; he has so much energy that he is randomly throwing attacks.He attacks using green power nguồn balls, & in the movie 10 powerful nguồn balls that come from huge green halo concentrated in his hand, in the shape of a circle that is decreasing in size.Broly has extraordinary stamina, especially transformed as a Legendary level.Power balls slip over him, the Kamehameha does not affect him. Direct hits even connected just barely push his head back.He is not invincible though, he even got beaten.However, at this time, he has a degree of invincibility.Broly has a weak punch. Indeed. In the movie 10, he’s fighting against untransformed Saiyans và he barely got them scratched disappointing. But if it was fighting with decent power, the heroes would have gotten killed at the beginning.

His injuries

It’s relevant to analyze how Broly has been beaten. For an invincible being, he got his ass ripped.Untransformed with limiters, he’s barely bleeding after a direct kick in the head. Most of the time, he has been only grazed except in the following cases.After he was born, he got stabbed but we can see where in the toàn thân neither the injury afterwards. But he was bleeding (scratches); once again, no scars.Some are arguing that his old injury, when he was stabbed, has been re-opened after Son Goku’s ultimate punch at the end of the fight. This theory belongs khổng lồ them.
After the first movie, Broly’s chest got pierced by Goku, which “cracked” him. We must notice that in the same movie, he also gets cracked before turning lớn his Legendary SSJ levelA spurt of dark green blood goes out his chest & as Goku is following his punch ripped off his thorax. His head also cracked then breaks
into pieces. Everywhere from his body toàn thân comes out light and Broly ends up collapsing. No less.

Hair color

Broly has nothing to be envious of Bulma’s hair. He changes his hair all the time! His hair kích thước and color are generally random. Here is a summary.

The purpose of this analysis is lớn figure out what his real hair màu sắc is. & it’s none of easy thing to vày because the color changes according khổng lồ the light. Proof here:
Here is Broly in a normal state. He has black hair. Not violet. When you see violet hair, it’s due to the light.Broly has normal black hair lượt thích any other Saiyans.
Here is Broly during a flash-back showing his violent nature.The scene seems to lớn be in the space, where his father & he aven’t any problem khổng lồ breath.He has brown hair and then white/red hair due to lớn the light. He sounds in SSJ1 level.We won’t consider any flash-back scenes. It appears on those last one that the hair has different colors:in the flash-back when he was a baby, he, his father and the King Vegeta has xanh or bright mauve hair.
Other flash back with normal colorization, when his father puts the limiter. The colors is identical as following.
Broly tried to lớn get his power out, but the limiter... Limits him.Except the third picture (I vote error from the colo), he has violet, mauve và blue hair color... & his hair corresponds lớn the SSJ1 transformation. This is clearly the example of the SSJ1 hair color with the effect of the limiter. It seems that the Toei has confirmed that by the way.
Here goes the legendary transformation. He transformed as the same time he destroyed the limiter.All along the movie, he has green
hair màu sắc which is different than the normal SSJ hair color.In certain scene, he has yellow bright eyebrows... But not every time.His eyes are white all the time. If he had white eyes in the previous paragraph, this was because because he was turning lớn a Legendary SSJ.Some are still arguing that the green hair color from the first was due to the limiter,that’s why he has yellow hair màu sắc in the next movies. The problem is he has no longer the limiter when he’s Legendary SSJ.We could say that the limiter’s effects remains changing his hair màu sắc but it’s not very “shonen”.Generally in the manga, the effects of a thing disappear with it.
Let’s go through the other movie. At the beginning, it seems lớn be legendary with green hair.Then he goes back lớn SSJ1 with yellow hair và finally goes back khổng lồ a normal state lớn sleep in the ice.
Then, he attacks with yellow hair in SSJ1 level. It’s a normal color which is pretty natural because he hasn’t got any limiters.His hair is also shorter.
Then, he turns lớn the legendary SSJ without any remorse copying the exact same picture as the movie 8However, his hair color is definitively yellow
. Damn! Why?
Let’s finish with his attacks & the final Kamehameha. In fact, while he’s lighted by its own attack, his hair màu sắc goes green
.What vị we get from this? Has Broly sometimes a green halo changing his hair color? Is this green màu sắc a coincidence with the previous movie?Frankly it’s your opinion.When he died, he has black và white color, graphical effect.Page translated by Yann Courtel