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Confidence can be a tricky thing, especially when you find yourself at the bottom during eliminations. Will you step up your trò chơi or will you succumb to your insecurities? This week’s episode will determine it all.

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Photos: May (Myanmar) via Asia’s Next Top mã sản phẩm Insiders While the launch of Asia’s Next Top model Cycle 4 last Wednesday marks the return of yet another season of top-tier modeling challenges on reality television, peppered by harsh critics & bitchy roommates, this week’s episode which aired on 16 March năm nhâm thìn on StarWorld Asia focused solely on “the…

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Fierce, heated và fashion-indulgent, the brand new season of Asia’s Next vị trí cao nhất Model, which premieres on 8 January năm trước on Star World channel, packs punch và commands stringent body control and an unwavering passion in a glamorous fashion like never before. Plus, with a multi-million budget in play, there is definitely much khổng lồ look forward…

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As time progresses lớn the premiere of Asia’s Next Top model on November 4, 2012, we have with us none other than Canadian-born fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler, who will be shooting the pretty faces on the upcoming television reality show, as well as judging their struts on the panel of judges. Renowned for his supreme…

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This year, expect khổng lồ see Asia’s very first adaptation of original hit TV series America’s Next Top mã sản phẩm (ANTM), a fashion-themed reality television show, which was created by American supermodel & pioneer in reality television, Tyra Banks herself, whereby she has doned on the role of the host và executive producer of the highly-acclaimed show. Now the America’s…

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Asia’s Next đứng top Model, the Pan-Asian adaptation of the highly-rated & successful American fashion reality show America’s Next Top mã sản phẩm (hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks), is coming và the search for Asian girls lớn springboard to lớn international fashion stardom has started! The show which will be airing a total of 13 episodes across Asia in late 2012,…

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